The Grupo Azvi Foundation joins the fight against the COVID-19 crisis by collaborating with the Food Bank of Seville

In the framework of the actions carried out in response to the current crisis caused by the coronavirus, the Fundación Grupo Azvi has made a donation of 20 tons of food, made up of olive oil, milk and other non-perishables, which will form part of The basic food baskets that Food Bank delivers each month to 291 collaborating entities, distributed throughout the province of Seville, so that these, in turn, can reach more than 43,000 people who are experiencing a particularly vulnerable situation.

Since its creation, one of the main lines of action of the Grupo Azvi Foundation has been linked to helping local entities and soup kitchens that work with groups at risk of social exclusion.

The COVID-19 pandemic has not only generated a health crisis, but also an economic one and, therefore, an incalculable food emergency.

For this reason, and through this collaboration with the Food Bank, the Grupo Azvi Foundation has wanted to increase its aid to the most disadvantaged in our society at these dramatic and uncertain times.