Letter from the director

The Grupo Azvi Foundation was created in 2011 with the aim of channeling Grupo Azvi’s Corporate Social Responsibility policy based on the design of its own social intervention projects and collaboration with other non-profit entities.

Our founding mission is to contribute to the integral development of society, on the basis of respect for the environment and the dignity of people, based on the design and implementation of initiatives that act against the causes of social exclusion, with the main emphasis on work preventive with children, adolescents and mothers.

For the Grupo Azvi Foundation, training and education in values are the best development result to which a community can aspire, which is why it guides its interventions in this sense, far from any other way of working that does not enhance individual capacities and promote.


To promote the social inclusion of the most vulnerable groups with the main emphasis on children and their environment, both in our country and in the countries where Grupo Azvi is present.


To contribute to a comprehensive social development from the desing of our own projects and the coordinated work with other non-profit entities that share our founding mission.


We work for social justice seeking professionalism, the promotion of solidarity, respect and inclusion in all our actions.