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The Grupo Azvi Foundation was created in 2011 with the aim of channeling Grupo Azvi’s Corporate Social Responsibility policy based on the design of its own social intervention projects and collaboration with other non-profit entities.

Our founding mission is to contribute to the integral development of society, on the basis of respect for the environment and the dignity of people, based on the design and implementation of initiatives that act against the causes of social exclusion, with the main emphasis on work preventive with children, adolescents and mothers.

For the Grupo Azvi Foundation, training and education in values are the best development result to which a community can aspire, which is why it guides its interventions in this sense, far from any other way of working that does not enhance individual capacities and promote.

We work to…

children in Spain and abroad

parent education

social awareness through radio

women in situations of social vulnerability

people at risk of social exclusion


A summer ahead

With the aim of providing the most “normalized”  possible summer possible to the boys and girls residing in the protection centres of the  Paz y Bien Association, we have launched the program A summer ahead. From  this initiative, children have the opportunity to  experience beach days, go on excursions, participate in forum  cinema sessions, educational […]

We relaunch EDUCA RADIO for parental education in Chiapas

We have renewed our collaboration agreement with Radio Tapachula, Núcleo Corporation, to continue developing the Educa radio social awareness program, aimed at parents and educators through radio. This initiative aims to exchange knowledge and experiences of parenting and parental education with the Tapachula radio audience, within the framework of the radio program La Chorcha (meeting […]

The Grupo Azvi Foundation joins the fight against the COVID-19 crisis by collaborating with the Food Bank of Seville

In the framework of the actions carried out in response to the current crisis caused by the coronavirus, the Fundación Grupo Azvi has made a donation of 20 tons of food, made up of olive oil, milk and other non-perishables, which will form part of The basic food baskets that Food Bank delivers each month […]

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