Letter from the director

Dear friends,
We put at your disposal this website in order you know the social intervention programs we do, both with Spain and abroad, to contribute to the development and promotion of the most vulnerable groups, with the main emphasis on women and children.
Our commitment is to work with responsibility for the eradication of causes that generate social exclusion focusing on the promotion of early childhood education, the empowerment of women and the promotion of young people in situations of vulnerability.
We believe that education is the best goal of social development that we can aspire to, and in that sense, we direct all our interventions, working directly on the habits and behaviors that reproduce the culture of poverty to avoid its intergenerational projection.
This website will allow us to consider your suggestions and contributions to continue innovating in our mission. I hope that this tool also serves to contribute to the promotion of a sense of solidarity in the midst of so much inhumanity, to the emergence of a common consciousness in which empathy and selfless concern for those socially unprotected can be part of our own way of life. I hope so.


Pilar Kraan
Fundación Grupo Azvi Director

The Grupo Azvi Foundation was founded in 2011 with the aim of directing Grupo Azvi Corporate Social Responsibility Policy through the design of social intervention projects and collaboration with other nonpro t entities.

Our main mission is to contribute to the wholescale development of society based on respect fot the environment and human dignity, from the design and implementation of initiatives
that act against the causes of social exclusion emphasizing preventive work for children, teenagers and motores.


To promote the social inclusion of the most vulnerable groups with a particular focus on children and their environment, both in Spain as well as in the countries where Grupo Azvi is established.

The Grupo Azvi Foundation is committed to educational programs that foster the social development of the communities in which they are established, enabling children and young people to acquire knowledge with to improve their possibilities for future inclusion in the labor market.


To contribute to overall social development through their own design projects and networking with NGO, universities, prisons, secondary and primary schools, professional associations and media that share our principles and valúes.

For the Grupo Azvi Foundation, the aim of its participation in cooperative projects is education, a priority for the development of a community. The Foundation values projects that create a sense of e ort among recipients rather than o ering mere assistance.


We work seeking solidarity, the common good, professionalism, inclusion and tolerance in all of our actions.