Women’s Prison in Alcalá de Guadaíra

It has been tree years since the Grupo Azvi Foundation launched the psychotherapeutic intervention program Darse Cuenta (Realized) at the Women´s Prison in Alcalá de Guadaira. This initiative, based on the methodology of psychodrama, allows for women to design a new project of life away from crime and violence for themselves and their children. Moreover, Darse Cuenta provides specific guidance for those prisoners who are mothers and must raise their children in prison, a very difficult situation for which we provide therapeutic support so that they can learn assertively to manage to release themselves from the generational chain of violence.
Darse Cuenta is a pioneer psychodrama initiative in Andalusia due to its working methodology, an intervention tool validated internationally that allows for, even in difficult situations, the rediscovery of new learning methods to cope with moments of anguish and adversity. Through this program we seek to transform behaviors and lifestyles.
Darse Cuenta was recognized by the Asociación de Fundaciones Andaluzas as the best social initiative in business category in 2015.