The Grupo Azvi Foundation was founded in 2011 with the aim of directing Grupo Azvi Corporate Social Responsibility Policy through the design of social intervention projects and collaboration with other nonprofit entities.
Our main mission is to contribute to the wholescale development of society based on respect fot the environment and human dignity, from the design and implementation of initiatives that act against the causes of social exclusion emphasizing preventive work for children, teenagers and mothers.
The Grupo Azvi Foundation is committed to educational programs that foster the social development of the communities in which they are established, enabling children and young people to acquire knowledge with to improve their possibilities for future inclusion in the labor market.
For the Grupo Azvi Foundation, the aim of its participation in cooperative projects is education, a priority for the development of a community. The Foundation values projects that create a sense of effort among recipients rather than offering mere assistance.


To promote the social inclusion of the most vulnerable groups with a particular focus on children and their environment, both in Spain as well as in the countries where Grupo Azvi is established.

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To contribute to overall social development through their own design projects and networking with NGO, universities, prisons, secondary and primary schools, professional associations and media that share our principles and values.

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We work seeking solidarity, the common good, professionalism, inclusion and tolerance in all of our actions.

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